Welcome to Shree Bhalambbiga Caterings!

"Shree Bhalambbiga Caterings" specialises in everyday meals and food for special occasions I am constantly overjoyed by Chennai's entrepreneurial energy. Today, I write about veg food made by a hardworking couple. Radha and Kannan's "Shree Bhalambbiga Caterings" supplies lunches to homes and offices and food for weddings and parties. Kannan, son of the late Major R. Sabesan, is a gold medallist in Catering Technology and has been into catering for the past eight years. I am delighted to taste their preparations and note that they keep the use of oil to the minimum. In case you are looking for veg tiffin dabba, you will be served up a potato dish, a kootu, sambar, curd, three chapattis (for Rs. 25), which can be door delivered, even for one person. I am also happy to report that they are particular about a favourite of mine, which is not justdahi or curd but "set curd". Their dabba service coversMount Road, Parrys, Mylapore, Egmore, Kodambakkam and Nungambakkam. They specialise in catering for weddings too. Their special vegetarian dishes are pidi kozhkattai, arisi upumma and adai-aviayal. They are also well known for their Tanjore dishes. I particularly enjoy the pumpkin-dal infused with coconut. Chakkarai pongal, kasi halwa and bagala bath are equally in demand.